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Mykonos is constant, from the 50s onwards, one of the popular tourist islands of the Mediterranean.

Town of Mykonos, commonly known as Chora, impresses and charms the visitor from the first moment, with its beautiful position, scale and architecture.

Despite the great tourist development, the island manages to maintain its Cycladic figure and many of the traditional elements.

Whitewashed, cube-shaped houses glow in the sunlight, scattered wisely and orderly in the countless labyrinthine streets with whitewashed cobbled.

Farther along, on a low hill, the windmills for centuries, in combination with red domes and bell towers of the countless churches compose a picture of unparalleled beauty.

In the harbor, a small colorful flotilla of boats and boats with vivid colors complement this unique set.

In contemporary Mykonos, repetition of forms of traditional Cycladic architecture and modern buildings, ensures the city and its hinterland a sense of continuity and harmony.

In scattered cafes, bars, restaurants in the country can enjoy coffee and ouzo multitude of other tasty treats, while watching the colorful crowd wandering the streets of the city.

The town is also the starting point from which to explore one, with regular bus or other means, and other beauties of the island, the scenic hinterland and pristine beaches.

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